Sherwood Forest Community Church is a multigenerational community church in the village of Blidworth, close to Mansfield, in what was once regarded as the heart of ‘Sherwood forest country’. The Church exists to positively transform the local area by being an authentic gathering of ordinary people that seek to put God central in all we do.

We want to transform our local community by running projects and partnering with organisations that aim to make our local community a better place to live. We are involved in kid’s projects, youth events, family support, alleviating poverty, reducing social exclusion for the elderly and so much more.

We are a Church that has ‘Community’ at its heart. We believe that there is a need for us to be involved in our Community and not just be observers. 

Turnaround Charity Shop

There are several Turnaround Charity Shops all around our region:

Our local shop is…
Blidworth – Mansfield Road
This shop, based on the main road through Blidworth has been open for a number of years now and run by hard-working volunteers

The shop is run on a Christian ethos and our objectives are to bless our local communities, to be a Christian witness in our local areas and through the kindness of those who donate items to us raise money to benefit local, national and international projects and worthy causes.

We sell

  • A vast selection of books, Jewellery, Shoes, CD’s, Computer games and DVD’s
  • Ladies, Men’s and Children’s clothes, Ladies Bags, Games and puzzles, Toys,
  • Ornaments, Pictures, Knitting needles, Wool and knitting patterns, Small electrical items, Cuddly toys … and much, much more.