God has put us together so we can grow closer to one another and closer to him. Our group is all about relationships. We have built up close relationships with one another as the group provides a safe place where we can share, care for, support, encourage and pray for one another and for others.
Hearing and studying God’s Word is a vital part of our group and we have followed various Bible Studies and DVD series which have encouraged, inspired and challenged us. At the moment we are following a series of studies on the gospel of Mark – familiar stories, many well-known passages – but the study has encouraged us to dig deeper, discovering fresh insights about Jesus, how he operated and about learning to be a disciple. Several people in the group have been willing to lead a study and we have been greatly encouraged to see those who are relatively new to this growing in confidence.
We meet on Thursdays, usually at our house, occasionally at others. We start with drinks and cake or biscuits, chatting and catching up on the week.
We may be a mixed bag, a group of people God has put together to walk closely together on our journey of faith,
but we love and appreciate all!
John and Vivienne