SFCC Graphics

This is where you can download the official SFCC graphics for use online or in print. Please see the sidebar for conditions and details of usage.

Files are provided as JPEGs (for online work) and PDFs (for print). The PDF files can be imported into most decent editors but if you have problems, please do get in touch and we can provide files in other formats.

  • Full Logo
    The full logo features the tree icon and also the SFCC text. It’s provided in full colour, flat colours and black & white. Variations are provided with both black and white backgrounds.
  • Icon Only
    These files feature just the tree graphic in various forms. The tree is slightly different when not attached to the text – it has a shorter trunk.
  • Text Only
    These files feature just the SFCC text in various forms. The ‘colour’ versions are in fact greyscale and match the text in the main logo. The black and white versions have modified spacing as there is no tonal variation to separate the words.
  • SFCC Typeface
    The SFCC typeface is FF DIN Light. It cannot be provided here as it is a commercial font but you can find it for sale on various online font stores. If you are doing official SFCC work and need to get a copy of the font, please drop a line to the office – the licensing is fairly strict and we are allowed a limited number of copies.